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Cefiro C-209 Black Men Sneaker

Cefiro C-209 Beige Men Sneaker Cefiro C-209 Black Men Sneaker Cefiro C-209 White Men Sneaker

Color : Black

[+] Description
Sneakers never fail to impress us, and the inventions and additions that go around these make it very enticing. These pairs display the perfect use of colours and shapes that make this footwear so appealing among the masses. They are strong and can help you walk long distances without getting tired. Try one on and we are sure that you won’t want to put your feet out of it. Designed for the fashionista in you, these shoes will never let you down, neither in quality nor in looks. Order a pair for yourself now.
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SKU: c209black-vp
Brand: Cefiro
HSN: 6404
GTIN: 8907413085377
Gender: Men
Ideal For: Everyday
Material: Faux Leather
Sole: Dc Airmix Pvc
Colors: Black
Style: Lace-Up
Category: Sneaker

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