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Cefiro C-190 Grey Men Loafer

Cefiro C-190 Black Men Loafer Cefiro C-190 Brown Men Loafer Cefiro C-190 Grey Men Loafer

Color : Grey

[+] Description
Celebrate the style with a relaxing and stylish pair of loafers. Vostro is a leading footwear brand that serves its customers with the most endearing shoes in varied styles and patterns. The one presented above is created with extreme care by the industry experts. The tongue of the shoe is a little raised to give it a better outlook and presentation. Comfort is a requisite factor that is not left out while weaving this outstanding pair of footwear. It is made in such a way that it can be worn at work or during casual outings. Make them yours to experience the delight of walking on air. These are so soft and relaxing that the wearer wishes not to remove them from their feet.
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SKU: c190grey-vp
Brand: Cefiro
HSN: 6404
Gender: Men
Ideal For: Everyday
Material: Knitted
Sole: Airmix Pvc
Colors: Grey
Style: Slip-On
Category: Loafer

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